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Steps To Your Next Ice Machine...

Getting Started

Step 1

Call Automatic Ice 

Step 2

Step 3

Confirm your equipment and installation date 

Free on-Site Consultation

Step 4

Hassle-Free Installation

Step 5

We will take care of the rest


Daniel, Owner of Agave Cantina

I absolutely love working with Automatic ice Boise. No only do they take care of my ice machines maintenance, but we have been so busy we had to upgrade to a larger ice machine. They made it so easy. 

I wanted to tell you, thank you! I really appreciate that you saved me from a lot of work every morning. I always had to fill up the soda machine with ice, in the morning this works much better for me!

Easy company to work with, they always show up when we have a problem and bring ice so my employees dont have to worry about it!

Pricsila, Owner of

R Big Buger

Jeff, Owner of Yokozuna Terriyaki

Whats Included

Ice Machine Service

When your ice machine breaks down call the number on the front of your ice machine. Our office will answer and put your machine on the schedule for same day service. Any parts or labor preformed will be at no cost to you.

Ice Machine Service rent


When your business grows, we grow with you! If you need to upgrade to a larger ice machine, just give us a call. We will be there to make upgrading quick and simple. 

Manitowoc Ice Machine lease Rent Upgrade

Back-up Ice Delivery

When your ice machine breaks down, we will provide backup ice. This means you will have all the ice you need while our techs get to solving your equipment issues.

Ice Cube Maker Machine

Preventative Maintenance 

Your ice machine will get dirty. The day your ice machine is installed your equipment gets added to our maintenance schedule. When your ice machine is due for a cleaning we take care of scheduling, cleaning, and fixing any issues that arise. The tech will determine if the ice machine needs a more frequent cleaning and adjust your maintenance schedule accordingly at no extra cost to you. 

Ice machine Cleaning Prevenitive maintenance

No Price Hike Guarantee

At Automatic Ice we want to ensure your satisfied with your experience. One way we do this is with our price lock Guarantee. As long as your ice machine doesn't change your price stays the same. 

Pric Lock Lease Rent

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